New Year, New Wardrobe

New Year, New Wardrobe

Like many people on my Facebook timeline I am very much over the whole, “New Year, New Me” statuses. While I believe that there is a certain sense of renewing that happens to us at the beginning of each New Year. I also truly believe we all have the right to start over and begin again, whether that happens January 1st or August 1st.  

So… just like we refresh our minds and our goals. We also need to refresh our closets.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Clear the Clutter

The best way to see where you are going with your wardrobe is to; clear your closets of items you can’t fit or you are not going to wear anymore.


Step 2: Fill the Gap

In order you have a fully functioning wardrobe you must keep some staple items. This will make mixing, matching and coordinating outfits easy.

wardrobe basics


Step 3: Use the 3-7-14 Shopping Rule

To prevent your closet from junking up with unnecessary clothing items, adhere to the 3-7-14 Shopping rule. You can read my article about the rule by clicking here.





Happy New Year Fashionable Demand readers! Please expect to see more art and blogging from us in 2016 as we continue to take our brand to new levels.