29, The Wonder Year

29, The Wonder Year

Less than 5 short months away, I will be turning the BIG 3-0. So as I start to reminisce over the last decade of my life. Honestly…truly (in my Joanne the Scammer voice) I can say that it has been a complete (thrill) ride. As I go into what I know are going to be the best years of my life yet! It is with pleasure that I give an ode to being 29 or as I fondly call it, “The Wonder Year”. happy-birthday-picjumbo-picjumbo-com


Maybe some people have reached this level already, but at 29 I am actually comfortable with people not liking me. In fact, it has become increasingly amusing to me that there are people that just aren’t going to like me or understand me for absolutely no reason. I seriously get a chuckle at the fact that others’ insecurities cause them to dislike me so much that they actually put energy into not liking me. Which I have summarized is a source of power and I’ll take it.

In contrast, I find myself crawling out of my twenty-something selfishness becoming sensitive to the pain and struggles of others. My interests no longer center around my own happiness, rather I want everyone to be lifted to their greater sense of self. So open-heartedly I dive into the recesses of my mind, use my spiritual guidance and utilize the resources around me to impart wisdom when necessary. Or give knowledge and/or resources where needed.


After almost three decades I can see the results of poor decisions or even great decisions. What is even better is that I have enough life experience to not fall into those life traps again. Yet, I am still young enough to believe I have time to still struggle with finding my voice, work towards my passions and eating healthfully.

My greatest blessing so far, is that after 30 years I still have some of the greatest people around me. My parents! I am ever so grateful that they are the best people in my life. They have worked so hard to provide a stable and nourishing life for me. Forever I am indebted to them for sacrificing so much, working tirelessly so that I can have a solid foundation. As they near retirement my only wish is that they enjoy it. Take big risks. Travel. Live lavishly as possible. Also, I wish that they would not worry so much about me and trust that they have instilled within me their very best, which I promise to use every ounce of. I (kind of) got this and if I don’t I am blessed enough to still have their counsel.

Twenty-nine revolutions around this earth has surely grounded me a bit. Yet, I am more ready for where the next 29 will take me. So I'll bid ado to my twenties and enter into my grown and sexy thirties.