Fashionable Demand
Fashionable Demand
Luxury or Nothing.

Michael Ja'Ameer The basis of my style is street grunge with spurts of constructed chic minimalist looks.  You can call my style a form of  "chameleon-ism".  Everything around me inspires my personal style, complimentary colors from a bouquet of flowers or the sunlight reflecting off of them. It is my aspiration to share my creativity with the world as a personal stylist and to challenge the traditional dynamics of fashion and styling. Style is more than just clothes. It is a form of art.  Our bodies act as blank canvases and clothes are the paintbrushes used to create beautiful works of art; it gives us our sense of individuality. And who wants to look like everyone else? I surely don't...



My journey into the fashion industry began at the Illinois Institute of Art. After 3 years of hard work and dedication I completed my bachelors in fashion marketing and management. Post-graduation I have been involved in multiple aspects of the fashion world from retail, merchandising and consulting.  Currently, I am a wardrobe stylist based in Milwaukee, WI.  My portfolio ranges from editorials, image consulting and fashion show production. Known for my eccentric sense of style and ability to consult with a wide-range of clients from any age or  demographic. I am always open and eager to actively collaborate, I bring a creative and versatile perspective to all productions and projects. It is my belief that fashion should be fun and used as a tool of expression; all of which is reflected through my own personal style.


Former Sports Medicine major and Corporate Administrator, now post-bac student studying fashion merchandising and 33.3% of the Fashionable Demand team. I am an admirer of beauty, collector of knowledge and fashion zealot. I have an intense desire to create dope imagery across all media forms. Most likely though, you will find me on set some where as either creative director of a photoshoot or wardrobe stylist on a movie set. My love for fashion extends beyond the creative and into the business.  It is my dream to be the next CEO of a major fashion brand. Until then I aim to live just like how I dress.  Minimalist in ideaology, yet allowing each day that greets me to inspire my wardrobe.